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Since 1969
A Classic Story
Our Great Grand Mother used to prepare this delicious curry called "The Kcutt", After her, the legacy was continued by their daughters. Finally, it reached our beloved mother.
Sep 2019
Got The Idea
On one of the occasions, when mom prepared our favorite curry, The elder Son questioned her "Why is this delicious curry made so rarely at home and it's also not easily found outside?". To which the mother responded "It takes a lot of time and effort to make this curry and these days people don't have the patience to make this" and ended the topic with a smile.
Nov 2019
Son started his Study and Research
The Eldest son was not satisfied with mother's reply and He Started to look up for kcutt online & locally, but to his surprise, it was not available in the market which gave him all the more reason to convince his mother to prepare the dish and share it with the world - after which the mother agreed.
Nov 2019
Preparing the sample
Finally, The Mother initiated cooking in a larger quantity and It took almost two days to prepare the sample.
5 Dec 2019
Sample Serving
Then we started giving the samples to neighborhood, Relative & Friends And fortunately Everyone Loved the taste and dish very much and they started giving orders, Everyone in the Family was very happy and there we decided to start "The Kcutt Company".
Jan 2020
Started The Journey
Eventually everything was decided. Setting up online business through WhatsApp orders and successfully, we Served 1000 customers by the end of 2020
Jan 2021
Serving Across The Globe
After successfully running the business, we have launched our New Packaging, Instagram Redoing, And Delivered Around 10,000 homes across the Globe by end of 2021.
July 2022
Online Store
Setting up an online store to save our customers' time and to fulfill their love to eat Kcutt at one click step to purchase and enjoy their meal Successfully, we Launched Our Website Kcutt.com
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