A Classic Story

We started the kcutt company with a vision of making cooking easier. We are a family of 5, Masterchef Mother, Problem-solving Father, and three kids with a galaxy of ideas.

Kcutt has always been our favourite curry. In 2019, amidst a converstation, we realized that such a delicious and highly nutritious curry is not easy to find any where outside.Reason being, it takes more than 36 hours to get the perfect taste and consistency. Such tasty yet healthy curry, and so convinient seemed like it will act like a savior to every household. Any body who understands the importance of this curry would definitely want to stock this up in their kitchen. It can come in handy any day, anytime. Then we did all the possible research and experimentation. Today, we successfully have made this super curry easily available to every nook and corner of Bangalore.


I must say everytime I think of Kcutt it reminds me of the only best vutt curry that was made by my Nani ma. It awakens all your taste buds the instance you have a bite. Kcutt is an emotion filled delicacy. Thank You for bringing kcutt to us Danish.

Fathima Zain


I have tried a lot of ready kcutt but this one is just out of the world typical authentic taste of kutt the thickness n the exact proportion of spices enchances the flavour doesn't have ant weird taste of preservatives...it's just pure kcutt !!

Isra Khan


Kcutt from the Kcutt Company is Authentic based on the traditional recipe passed on from generation to generation. Be it the colur texture or taste, is true to the original recipe. We Strongly recommend this ready to eat curry, it's a must try. Telugites call it Uluva charu and they relish it with almost every thing from Rice, Dosa, Roti Etc...! Must try ready to eat healthy curry

Neelufar Tasneem


I Really Loved the thick gravy. It was so apt and delicious. I tried with boiled eggs and It was so rich and satisfying. Highly recommended to try this amazing kcutt.

Vidya Chandrashekar


Coming from a well known business for kcutt in yester years, it was difficult to find same taste and consistency anywhere else in Bangalore after my mom stopped making it. Found danish's post few years ago and i am happy to say we relished it. We've been ordering on and off and must say the taste is the same and the consistency is perfect. Way to go the Kcutt Company

Uzma Ayaz


Very Authentic And Versatile curry. perfectly cooked with ful flavors n specially the passion n love. I Highly recommend it to all the kcutt lovers to just give a try n relish yourself. You never gonna regret after purchasing, instead feel like "Full Paisa Vasool" Till the End.

Javeriya Fathima


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